You suit me to a “TEA” Valentine!

Go big or go home some say… well we have a perfect gift that will make a big splash and earn you a special place in the heart of your Valentine. The Tea and Herbal Association of Canada has an internationally recognized TEA SOMMELIER® Certification Program that is available online and in-person at select colleges in Canada. TEA 101: Introduction to Tea, is a short course that makes an ideal and unique gift.



This online tea course will provide an introduction to the history of the origin of tea; you will learn how to differentiate the types of tea as well as the tea grading standards used in the industry. You will also be initiated to the basics of tea terminology and proper cupping techniques.

Course Package Includes:

  • Teas
  • One live tutorial with instructor
  • Online learning platform – “Schoology
  • Videos explaining cupping/tasting
  • Digital Course Book on learning platform

Length: 4 weeks


The online program is offered through the Academy of Tea and you can register here.

If you think that your sweeTEA would enjoy learning in person you can see a list of available courses at colleges here.



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