Tea & Food Pairing… what’s this about?

Combining tea and food is not new to the culinary scene, but is something that people have been playing with as long as we have been consuming tea. If you think about pairing tea and food there are some natural duos that come to mind, favoured by many is tea and chocolate, but there are some savory pairings that are pleasantly surprising.

Some basic concepts when approaching the combination of tea and food:

  1. Match delicate tastes with delicate teas.
  2. Moderately flavoured food with unassertive should be matched with medium bodied teas.
  3. Strong teas deserve food with a strong personality.

Look for a food or tea which can enhance or support one another and enhance the experience of the two taken together.

Perfect Match Tea & Chocolate Pairing (chalkboard)

If this sounds like something that peaks your interests, we have an upcoming webinar that is more in-depth and will walk you through the complexities behind matching flavours of tea and food and give you the confidence and principles to create unique pairings like a pro.


Material covered:

  • flavour profiles of the main tea categories
  • introduction to the concept of aroma compounds as found in tea and food
  • guidelines and best practices

Take away:

  • pdf of presentation
  • holiday tea inspired recipes

This course is for:

  • Graduates of the TAC TEA SOMMELIER® Certification Program
  • Tea students
  • Culinary students
  • Cafe & restaurant owners
  • Wine & Beer enthusiasts
  • Curious minds

Presenter: Shabnam Weber

Shabnam Weber - Industry & Online InstructorBy the time Shabnam Weber was 24, the Toronto entrepreneur had opened restaurants in Bermuda and Germany. It was through her fascination with specialty tea shops across Europe that Shabnam decided to establish her own tea shop when she returned home to Toronto.

She is a big believer in tea education and has committed many years to the development of a variety of courses to further the knowledge of consumers and industry alike. Using her passion and knowledge of tea, Shabnam has created a place for herself in the tea industry by speaking at numerous tea events internationally and sitting on the Board of Directors of the Tea Association of Canada. In her Director role, she currently chairs several committees and is the author of the TEA SOMMELIER® Certification Program being taught at colleges across Canada, and now online through the Academy of Tea.

Registration Deadline: December 7 @ 11:30pm ET

We hope to see you there!


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